Aguinaldo Santos, Brazilian 30 years old. painter, photographer, architect. He moved to the United States in December 2018 to study interior design at CPCC.


He started drawing at age 4 in school notebooks as he wasn't good at writing and had his mother paint dish towels. Seeing his cousin as a photographer, he thought photography was a magical thing. Dreaming of a well-known artist and living in the US, his journey began as a child.


At 13, he painted his first oil painting on the terrace of his house. fan of the drawings of Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, who is from his Hometown, he liked the freedom of being able to draw things as he sEe them and not as things Are. He made one of his dreams come true and graduated as an architect in Recife-PE | Brazil. fascinating to get to know up close the important monuments he studied during his architecture course, he traveled 9 countries, and started to learn 2 new languages ​​(english, spanish)


In 2021 he had his first exhibition Charlotte aRt gallery PRomoted by international house. ranking among 10 selected immigrant artists in Charlotte.


In the same year he had his project that brought together his 3 greatest passions, art, arChitecture anD photography, selected and sponsored by one of the most important art promoters in the city, Blumenthal arts, Made in Clt.


always curious and restless, he says that he always had the lowest grades in school since his first year and that going to school was torture Go to class eveRy day. in respect and thanks to all the teachers, schools that I have been to and continue to, he envisioned a sculpture that Talk about The daily learning and the construction of being - LeArning sculpture.


“Art for me is what keeps me dreaming. Drawing is my punching bag, it's where I put all my feelings and desires.


Meet The Team


Anlo Camacho

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Graduated in Spain as Interior design with more then 10 years  working all around Europe.

Especialist in realistic 3D.




Luclecia Carla

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Graduated in architecture in Brazil 2016 and master's degree at the University of Minho in Portugal focused in Kinitting formwork an parametric. She is Specialist in Sustainable Rehabilitation.


Ed. Wanderley

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Journalist and author of several books in Brazil, he has won more than 40 journalistic awards and is on the list of the most awarded journalists in history.